23 August 2012

You Know, That Thing?

We had dinner with the kids the other night.  Kevin sat with the boring old grown-ups and I sat with the kids. 

I'm always amazed at what they'll talk about.  Their minds were collectively blown over the Curiosity Rover.  C-2 claimed that he *might* have a dairy allergy to get out of finishing his potatoes.  Two of the littles have lost one of their front teeth already.  I kept emphasizing that "Your brother will be Next, not last" to lose his teeth.

Girl Little begins telling me the story of how she lost her tooth.  She was the first one and her daddy helped her.

"You know that thing that holds up balloons?" 

"The what now?"  (said by me and her older brother)

"You know, the thing that you hold on to hold up the balloon. The THING that holds it up"

"Handle?"  "Stick?" "You sure you mean balloon?"

Frustrated with us morons, she moved on.  "When my tooth was loose, Daddy took the Thing from the Balloon and put it in my mouth then POP out came my tooth!"

(she didn't say "You retards" but she thought it, the tone was certainly there.)

 (and yes, I know the "r" word is not appropriate but her tone required the use of  it)



Of course, string.  String holds up balloons....when you're six.  DUH.

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