13 May 2013

News & Notes

First said: Must to remember "PUSH PUBLISH, NOT SAVE

Life has returned to sort of kind of normal.

The Nephew had returned home to his fiancee and kids until last Monday. (after about two weeks at his parents, then about two weeks at home)  He ended up back in the UW hospital with drain issues.  This, we believe, has set back the surgery date again.   It just seems like it's taking forever and the surgeon says Yes, it does take forever.
But he's gaining a little bit of weight.  He doesn't have that concentration camp survivor look to him, more manorexic now.  His sense of humor has returned, which made us really realize just how sick he was.

The sister-in-law got a boot the other day so she is a tiny bit more mobile.  They will only allow 50 lbs weight bearing.  All of us women just thought the same thing "Might as well be nothing at all."

Because it's a break in the foot, there aren't any screws and plates like in my leg.  So, if I understand it right, she can rebreak the newly knit bones whereas I didn't have that concern as much.  So, that just sucks.

Her shoulder won't be healed for two more months TWO.  So, her arm spends a lot of it's time strapped across her belly.  That is more miserable than a broken off foot like I had. (Kevin's description, not mine.  It makes me wince/laugh)

I am still not working full-time.  I am a miserable beast by the end of a week that consists of 32 hours.  When I mention this to medical professionals, they say "Yes, that happens."

So, this is my sign from the universe to just work part-time.  I'm just going to embrace it and be happy.  And burn through all my sick leave.  And de-accelerate our retirement plans a bit.

Working in social services right now is challenging.  Because of the broken health care system, we are getting more clients with unaddressed mental health issues.  It is so wearying.

Our race season doesn't start until the end of June, which is good because we're not remotely ready.  First off: puppy.  Second off: the engine is at the machine shop still and we're about $1000 away from being finished.  We're not worried about it, per se, this is just unusual for us.

My niece graduates from high school in about a month.  I can't believe this, time goes by so quickly.  Also, she's the last one.  The next graduations are going to be in the "grand" category, my nieces and nephew's kids.  The eldest of the bigs will graduate in 2021.  Isn't that MIND BLOWING?  I graduated in the 1900's!!!!

I want to work on the unfinished part of the backyard with some native ground plants but see above referenced $1000.  Also, it's on a hill and I'm not able to manuever that well yet.

I started a book by Lisa Kleypas and it's good.  But I haven't been able to return to it due to life.  Very frustrating.  She is another author from the Pacific Northwest so that's happy.  Kristin Hannah is the other that I like. (thanks to Swistle) but not Debbie Macomber, she's one of the few authors that I couldn't finish the book.

It's time to switch out the closet with summer clothing and I really am going to do it but it seems silly to go work in a closet when it so beautiful outside. But because it's beautiful outside, I need to have my summer clothing.

Because my main source of entertainment has been television lately, I've become shall-we-say very interested in entertainment news.  Not tabloid stuff, although I find TMZ Live on Sirius very entertaining, but Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter kind of news.
The Upfronts are happening right now where networks announce their programming changes.  I watched notifications in my email as this show and that show was cancelled. 

Sidenote: when did "cancelled" get changed to "canceled"?

I'm so bummed that The New Normal was cancelled.  It was like an irreverent (more) Modern Family and I really liked it.  The other shows that were cancelled I wasn't that surprised about.  Oh, except Southland.  WTH TNT with cancelling Southland?  A very good, real, drama.  Yet reality television continues to exist.

It just seems like shows aren't on long enough to develop anymore.  I don't understand it.  It's also as if NBC is determined to be the lowest rated network, which is so strange after dominating for so many years.

I've been fascinated with the Jodi Arias trial.  She reminds me of someone I know and it's provided me with quite a few chills down my spine.  I watched the verdict be read while still at work.  The only other verdict I've watched like that is OJ Simpsons.  I'll remember that for always.  The phone rang and it was my friend, all she said was "What the EFF just HAPPENED?!?"

So, that's about it.  Trying to re-acquaint ourselves with normal. 

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