28 May 2013

So Far So Good

Twenty years ago, last Wednesday, Kevin and I have been married for twenty years.  

Stealing from Grosse Point Blank:

Twenty YEARS.
Twenty years.

It doesn't feel like twenty years, not at all.  When we actually sit down and talk it through, we're all "HOLY SH*T! It HAS been 20 years!"

Because of everything that has been going on, we kept it low key.  We had our annual barbecue last weekend with friends and family, many of who were there at the wedding.  

Kevin's parents gave us a cute yard art puppy and some flowers for the rock garden. Once we find a place for it where Lucy doesn't feel the need to kill it, I will post a picture.

My mom sent us a card Ahead of Time (she always thinks it's either the day after or the day before) AND it was a sentimental one.  This is unheard of in my family.  Unheard of to the point of me doing the pageant girl teary thing and Kevin just leaned against the counter in disbelief.

Milestones make me nervous.  Yes, superstitions are silly but one can't help the weirdness of their brain.  I actually felt anxious up until the day, like something was going to happen to thwart the anniversary.

Now it's been twenty years and six day.  So far so good.

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