04 May 2013

Lucy Lou Who

As far as puppies go, she's pretty good.  She doesn't enjoy being outside alone but then, who does really?

She's done minimal amount of chewing or whining, nothing that makes me want to scream.  She knows sit, lay down, down, and considers stay.  She knows "come" but not if she's hot on the trail of something us mere humans can't see or comprehend.  (that's the hound part of her, they tell us)

She does enjoy fetch but occasionally the ADD kicks in and she gets distracted.

She knows the difference between "Go to bed" (crate) and "Go to your pillow", which astounds me.

She likes to sleep.  She has the best expression if you wake her up.  I just accidentally made a noise and she looked at me like "EFF man, I'm sleeping here" like some stoner college kid.

We have toys in the living room for her that stay there, toys in the yard that stay out there and we try to keep toys in her crate, just for the crate.  But she'll disappear for a minute or two then the next thing you hear is her bunny-hopping down the hallway because she's freed her toys from their fate in the box.

She knows funny commands.  If I say "UH OH" loudly, she scoots away from what caused the exclamation and lays down with her head between her paws.
And I swear to god, she does the "Aren't I cute?" thing when she's being naughty.  Yes, you are cute but you're going to Daisy Hill Puppy Farm if you steal my books again.

She knows "Shush", except when there are birds around.  Birds must be yelled at.

Like Missy, she learned "Out of the kitchen" and "Back Up", which are mutual commands usually.  She, too, has learned to lay down *just* at the edge of the kitchen floor.  I think Missy is teaching her the way of things from beyond. I guess that's what I get for hitting her with the truck.

Oh, and that.  Yep, we've gotten to a point where we can lightly joke about that.  Things like "We know what you do to dogs..."  If you can't joke about it, then what's the point.  It doesn't take the pure awfulness away.

I do wonder if Missy and Aussie (our first dog) are somewhere yelling "We weren't allowed on your lap!"  (80+ pound dogs so: no) and "We didn't get to ride IN the truck with you! This sucks!"

I do see where perhaps it was a good thing that we didn't have kids: 
We  don't like people touching our stuff. (she stole a paperback book off the shelf)
We don't like clutter
Yet, we buy toys we don't need.
We are desperately close to "We can't because of the puppy..."
We just want to sit and relax.  No we don't want to chase the red dot, chase the red dot, chase the red dot, CHASE THE RED DOT".

I do realize that getting an "overlap dog" while Missy was still with us would probably not have worked.  a) she thought she was a people and didn't like other dogs b) someone touching her stuff and c) Lucy Lou is 135 miles per hour, often.
I picture Missy just laying on her pillow with the expression of "Make it stop, FTLOG."

I am trying not to post endless pictures of her on the facebook.  I did post one with a funny caption yet I have tens of them on my phone.  I'm purposefully not being that person.  Even though she really is cute.


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