15 July 2013

Marriage Randomness

The phone rang this morning, it was Kevin.

"Who is Miranda Lambert married to?"

"Blake Shelton"


These type of conversations happen more often than I should probably admit.  I'm sure there is a story as to why he asked and not just Kev randomly quizzing my country music marital status knowledge.  But it could be.  The joy of living with Kevin.


Me:laying on the couch, watching mindless television.

Kevin comes in "We're going to town."

"Um, well. Okay."

"We have a giftcard and we have to spend it."

"Um, well. Okay."

He didn't really *need* anything, it was just something to do.  Town is 20 minutes away, by the way, so going into it is kind of a thing.

I enjoy being married grownups.  We can just go to town (get your mind out of the gutter), we can have ice cream before dinner, we can avoid people we don't enjoy in parking lots. We can have cereal for dinner.  (true story)

It's kind of like, after twenty years, a child's view of marriage: hanging out with your best friend every single day and every single night.

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