07 July 2013

News & Notes

I bought a set of sheets from Overstock and I am kind of meh about them.  The fabric feels good but the color is awful.  It's like russet potato brown and I ordered something along the lines of gold.  To add to the displeasure, the bottom sheet is tight enough that it's nearly unusable.  So: meh.

I bought a reconditioned laptop from Amazon and the power cord doesn't work. Booooo!!!  Also, I think I ordered the wrong laptop. It doesn't look like what I thought I ordered and further investigation makes me believe I made a mistake.  I'm pretty sure that's on me and not on them.  I've emailed them and we'll see what happens.  I'm hoping to just upgrade for a minimal fee in conjunction with getting chumped by a bad power cord.

I found myself yelling at the television the other day.  It was about the mother that doesn't allow the word Fat in her house at all.  It was prompted because a camp counselor told her five-year-old that soda makes you fat. So, the reasonable way to deal with this truthful statement is to ban the word "fat" entirely from the language. I think this is not an acceptable way of teaching our children tolerance or self-esteem.  But that's not what made me yell.  The fact that she demonstrated to the reporter her support of her daughter's self esteem by dancing with her. Booty shakes and pops with the same five year old that isn't allowed to say "Fat" is what makes me absolutely mental.  So, let me understand this: it's not okay to say or even think about *fat* but it is okay to dance suggestively.  Alright then. Got it.

The deli inside the higher end grocery store I sometimes use makes quite yummy twice baked potatoes and they're only $2 each.  I'm so pleased, because I'm sure not going to make them.  That's above my pay grade.

I wrote this on the twitter but I'll write it here because it bears repeating.  "Bryan Seacourt" (Ryan Seacrest) has been replaced with this:
The Mom: "You know, the judge with the hair"
Me: "Howard?"  (Howard Stern)
The Mom: "Yes, Howard Stewart and the other one? he knuckle bumps..."

You know what's a bad idea?  Watching 50/50 right after the Nephew had his big surgery.  I'm the dumbest person alive (after that booty-shaking, no F word mom)  I had to walk away from it twice because GAH.  But, really really good movie and I don't even like Seth Rogan.

Also, I watched the documentary Love, Marilyn and it was heartbreaking.  Before you say "DUH", it really focuses on her personal writings and the writings of others around her instead of all the salacious gossip.

the local paper featured a very nice article about my dad and the fireworks.  I wrote the reporter a thank you note stating that my dad would dislike the publicity but would secretly be pleased.  Here's the link:
A Half Century of Fireworks

We have come up with a half dozen other names for Lucy now.  Kevin came up with Dora the Explorer the other day and I'm a little disappointed that we didn't name her that.  Curious George was another one.  Hunter.  Ninja. Houdini.  Funny Girl.  And there's the never ending "Missy-Lucky-Lucy!" that both of us tend to do when all the dogs are outside.

I have an appointment in a little under a month with an independent doctor to perhaps close my claim for the ankle.  I have to make a list of how the injury has affected my life.  Yikes.  I'm a little anxious about that.  Also, I am unsure what to do at this point: settle with the state and close the claim, thus risking any further injury or issue expense be out of my pocket OR leave it open for further review.  If I understand this process correctly, a settlement will be paid with the idea of keeping it for further medical expenses, if necessary, plus time loss and suffering due to injury if I allow it to close.  I am very uncertain what to do.  I'm just going to see how the appointment goes first.  Summer has vastly improved everything ankle-wise but to go all Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

 One more movie/family related thing:  I finally watched Pitch Perfect last weekend and loved it.  While watching it, I texted my youngest niece and said "You need to take this movie out and watch it with your grandma"  (my 78 year old mom)  She wondered if her grandma would "get" it and I told her that "I think she will surprise you."  The next day she bought the movie and took it out to watch with my mom. (best girl ever) She LOVED it.  The niece was very impressed but did mention that sometime the sex jokes were a little "aca-awkward"  (a play of words from the movie, you get the gist even if you haven't seen it. lol)

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