16 July 2013

This is Working in Social Services

My work is a mixture of busyness and absurdity.  A broken faucet, an overflowing shower, resulting water damage, coworker drama, weekly server crash, merging old fashioned database with newfangled interweb system. You know: the usual stuff.  Oh, and a paper cut across my palm because: why not?

This is my desk this morning:

Why yes, that is clothing on the floor.  Why wouldn't there be?  You don't have clothing on the floor at your work?

Actually, it's a silk pashmina, a fur vest, and a piece of fabric that I am considering re-purposing.  These all came in with clothing donations and we are considering possibilities for them.  Like I said, this job can be strange.

What I don't like is the unfinished bits (or perhaps in-progress) The lunch that is now cold, the unreturned message on the sticky note, the listing binders beside the monitor.  And yes, I did stop to take a picture AND write about it.  I can't imagine why things like this happen!

Usually at this point, I stop everything and start over.  Put the pens away, move the binders, stack all the papers back up.  Throw my cold lunch out.  Clean slate theory. Instead, I made the mature and reasonable response to write about this phenomenon.

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