28 October 2013

Factory Order

Kevin had a haircut this morning and the stylist (a friend) mentioned that she would like to see my hair color be a little darker, a medium-to-dark blonde.  Kevin was hesitant to mention this to me for fear of hurting my feelings. (so not a worry)

Kevin prefers the color that I refer to as "stripper blonde"  I don't particularly care for that color but I do wonder if that would be an interesting way to transition to gray.  Right now it's definitely light blonde with the ends lighter than the rest, as usually happens this time of year.

My hair started turning brown in my thirties and I don't like it.  I'd prefer that it just went directly to gray, seriously. The dark color is the only reason I began coloring my hair in the first place.  I did try to darken it over a few months but it took on a reddish hue that, while interesting, wasn't my cup of tea either.

I just have difficulty paying lots of money to have it professionally done.  Once began, then it feels like there's no going back and that's just not a priority for me to spend money.  Also, the time.  I'm just not interested in sitting still that long.

Anyway, this wasn't intended as a whinefest about my hair.

As Kevin and I were discussing this on the way home, he made a strange and interesting observation.  "So you came with, let's say, factory installed brown hair yet you feel that's wrong and changed it. You went against factory instructions."

How he gets ideas I have no idea but I really do love it.

I told him that I didn't come straight from the factory with brown hair but blonde hair.

"So, you have a recall. There is a recall and your hair is being corrected to brown."


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Swistle said...

I love that whole conversation.

I have had to explain many times to Paul that I find it UNPLEASANT that I was blonde as a child and now have brown hair, and that's why I prefer him to call it "dark blonde" or "light brown" rather than "brown." He rolls his eyes, but I think he understood a little better when I said it would be like if HIS hair was gradually changing to BLONDE, and he probably wouldn't like THAT, WOULD HE?? Saying "brown" for haircolor for his entire childhood and early adulthood, and then starting to have to say "Blonde." NO HE WOULD NOT. (It was a particularly apt analogy because he's going grey and probably doesn't like that.)