04 October 2013


Oh where to start...this is a ranty one.

We had that momentary "Ah, everything's okay" time and now a cousin is in critical care in the hospital.  When I called Kevin to tell him, he just heavily sighed and muttered "Really?" 

I had my eye exam the other day and I've hit the age to begin taking supplements to ward off Macular Degeneration that I'm conveniently scheduled for in my elderly years.  This is not big news as I've been expecting it but like Kevin in the previous paragraph, there was a little "really?"

To add insult to injury, the supplements are apparently manufactured from kittens tears because Holy Mother of God, they are expensive.  And add to it the fact that I'm medicine-hesitant and I'm just all "Can't Want To!"

One celebrity rant: will a certain teenage celebrity please put her GD tongue back in her mouth?  I don't care about any of the rest of it but that makes me insane.  She's like a toddler that did something funny that made her mommy laugh so now she does it CONSTANTLY.

I lied, one more celebrity rant:  Why are the Kardashians a thing?

I swear I am going to get t-shirts printed for every single work day that say "Your failure to plan doesn't constitute an emergency on my behalf."  I get super frustrated with people who are unable or unwilling or both to manage their own schedules.

 Okay, rant concluded.  They were just building up a bit.

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Swistle said...

Loved this. Conveniently scheduled! Kitten tears! Medicine-hesitant! The whole toddler/tongue analogy! (And yes, OMG, put it BACK IN.)