23 October 2013

An Interview

I had a job interview today.  It went well but I don't think I will get an offer.  I don't have super strong Excel skills (I hate it, frankly. It's the devil) The other reason is when I mentioned that we were leaving town for almost two weeks in November there was an almost imperceptible flinch.  I completely understand the hassle of that and if it didn't involve plane tickets & ten other people, I would reschedule if I thought it was that important.

I pulled into the parking lot early, which rarely happens in my life.  I sat in the truck and just relaxed for a minute.  I laughed at myself when I realized that I was listening to Howard Stern and that *probably* not the best impression to give.

Then I spilled a little bit of water on me.

I went inside before I could inflict any more self-damage.  They weren't quite ready so I had to wait.  It's a quiet office, on a side street, in a town near my hometown. It didn't seem busy or loud.  There was only one other person there, a woman who introduced herself then told me she used to do the job.  I wasn't sure how to take that. Encouraging? Discouraging?

Finally, the other woman reappears and takes me back to a back office. There were so many turns I was beginning to worry a little bit.  We approached a meeting room and I get a glimpse of two men sitting waiting.  Difficulty level increased.  Okay then.

They stood when I entered.  Stood up.  It completely threw me off and I began to laugh.  Then I had to explain why I was laughing.  "I'm used to drag racers. You threw me off with the politeness." To my benefit, they laughed.

The interview proceeded like most interviews do. They had a list of questions and took turns asking them.  Nothing that challenging so I guess that's good.

I was excused and I thought "Cake! I'm done."

And then she said "We just have a little test for you."

Ah, eff.

The little test was creating a spreadsheet from information that they provided.  The directions she gave were vague (one of the things I said I have challenges with: people being vague, so purposeful?)  Without thinking, I mentioned that Excel wasn't my strong suit but it seemed straight-forward.

They gave me thirty minutes.  I wasn't that worried about a time limit until I realized that I didn't look at the clock when I started so I had to estimate how much time had passed. Well done me.

I got it completed and I had an issue with how I laid it out but that was mostly cosmetic and could be changed if I could have asked.  I waited for a few minutes but no one came.  I was still within the thirty minute parameter.  I had to think about what was best: waiting for someone to come get me or going out and risking appearing rushed or cocky.

I went out to where I started and both women were there.  The one that used to have the job gave me a release to sign while the other one simply called out a "Nice to meet you, thanks!"

So, I have no idea.  I'm not terribly excited about it.  It's a good (state) job but it's full time so that's going to be a challenge. But it's more money so that would accelerate retirement plans.  It's also, as I mentioned, in another county so that means lots of changes: our credit union, schedules, where to shop, etc.  I haven't worked in this town in over twenty years.  It's not like it's a huge town but it's *change*

In a twist of irony, my old job at the school is available.  I can use the ad as a entry on my resume.  This is the 3rd person in six years. Heh, heh, heh.  If my former boss wasn't still there, I would seriously consider applying there again.  But: NO.


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