31 October 2013

9 Percent

I've known this for about two months and I haven't written about it.  (take a breath, nothing bad)  I haven't written about it because I just didn't know what I thought.  I'm still a little Huh about it.

The final determination came in for my disability.  I am considered nine percent disabled.  Yep, there are charts and graphs for these sorts of things.  I fall in the nine percent category.

I was given a settlement and that was just weird for me.  A lump sum check (that went toward car repairs, yea me!)  I don't have the adequate words to describe it.   Hey, you're going to be gimpy for the rest of your life: here's a check!  Hooray?

The one thing that it did do was make me feel a little bit better about still being gimpy.  I did the math and working the time that I do works out to accurately reflect the nine percent.  I can happily let that go.

I guess the unhappy part is that I didn't get a letter in the mail that says "You're 100%!" I know that these letters probably are few and far between but I'd so much rather prefer one.

All in all, it's the end to an act of my life that I'm glad is over.  I'm grateful for the extra funds. I'm grateful that it wasn't worth.  I'm grateful that it's "only" nine percent.

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Swistle said...

I can see why that would take a little processing!