22 January 2014

Napkins To Dye For

A project that I've been working on at work is not something you will ever guess.

Dyeing napkins.

Yep, dyeing fabric is apparently included in the "communications & social media" job skill set.

The YWCA has a horrible logo color when it comes to matching to other colors and making it look nice.  It's officially called persimmon but it is kind of a tangerine/orange color.

We recently merged with another agency and their logo is purple and sage.  Good God and Sweet Baby Jesus, how about a challenge for one of my first public relations tasks?

There are about seventy-five, white, linen napkins at work.  We came up with the brilliant idea of dyeing them to the logo color.  How difficult can it be?

The first store I went to had all the colors of the rainbow EXCEPT orange.  I used my smart phone to look up the dye website to make sure that orange was an available color. It was BUT there are also formulas for shades of colors.

Because: of course there are.

I then went to a fabric store, where I should have gone firstly anyway.  They had Even More Colors, including orange AND tangerine.   Now we have not only orange but tangerine plus the shading technique that included using a dose of black.  So I bought all of them.

The first batch I used tangerine.  It turned out a coral color and I wasn't happy with it.  I took one of them into work and two other coworkers disagreed.  One liked it, one did not.

The second batch I used orange.  I really liked this color and was a little excited about it.  I took it into work and sure enough: one coworker liked it, one didn't.  AND the tangerine matched closer to the logo color. Ding dong dammit.

Now, I have to exchange one box of orange and one box of black for two more boxes of tangerine.  I am hoping that the orange napkins will dye to the tangerine color without any unnecessary drama. That being said, looking at this post hints to me that I am wrong to hope.

Dyeing fabric isn't difficult at all and now I'm wondering what else I can dye.  All you need is your washer set on hot water, a cup of salt, a box of dye and time.  It's fun to think about.

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Swistle said...

Frustration really brings out your funny! "Good God and Sweet Baby Jesus," "Ding dong dammit," "looking at this post hints to me that I am wrong to hope."

When I left my bakery job, I was left with two pairs of white jeans and a bunch of white t-shirts I wasn't planning to wear again. So I got a box of red dye and a box of green and dyed a pair of jeans and a shirt in each color; also, a bunch of white handkerchiefs. It was really fun. What I found disappointing was how quickly the color faded: soon everything was pink and pale green. But fortunately that was pretty too!