03 January 2014

Thankfulness List

PUBLISH...CLICK PUBLISH...How difficult is this!?!?!

Thankful this morning for:

Facebook.  I love the instant connection with friends & family.  It allows us to be more involved and aware of others around us.  (even though, sometimes, we'd rather not)

Kevin...who suddenly is in the mood to put up Christmas lights.  Highly unusual behavior.

The kids...we get to see all the kids today.  Santa lists are to be made, rolls are to be thrown (true story) and games played.

The puppy...she's brought us such happiness in a really difficult year.

Monica's Closet...as I'm rooting through it to get out my mother-in-law's Christmas decorations, I am thankful to be muttering "We have too much stuff" when others have none.

Turning 45...my birthday is in a few weeks.  Although 45 is still considered young, I already have
"grand" nephews and nieces and am continually astonished with this fact.

A good job...when I return on Monday, it will be a completely different job, working with different people although in the same building.

Seasons...it's supposed to be in the thirties next week and a chance of snow.  After being in Vegas for a week, I'm welcoming the change of seasons.

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