26 January 2014

This Is Ridiculous

This is a ridiculous project that I've been doing little bits at a time.  It seems that since the accident my OCD tendencies have acquired flaming, twirling batons.  I'm trying to use the powers for good and this, this ridiculous task, is one of them.

I used to have many multicolored hangers in our closet. I know: the HORRORS.  The predominate color was country blue, as was popular in the early nineties.  Well, it's now twenty-cough-something years later and I'm over it.  To be fair, there were also white, green, and navy blue hangers mixed in there as well.  This also bothered me.

Luckily, the clothing program at work generates hangers like the fate of humankind rests upon it.   I can get any kind or color of hanger that I wish every single day.  For free. Need hangers? hit me up!

Slowly, I've been taking home bundles of white hangers.  Twenty or so at a time as to not overwhelm me and make me give up on this ridiculous project.  Also, removing the offending no-longer-trendy hangers means that they have to go somewhere.  Whereas I'm good at bringing stuff home, I am not always equally as good at carting out stuff .  Thus the approximately three billion hangers in the coat closet where discarded things go to wait until their fate is decided.

Alas, I pushed on.  Finally, I have a single color, conformity aligned closet.  It's silly how soothing this is to me. 

Yes, our clothing is separated by color. This is normal, right? right?

1 comment:

Gigi said...

I just went through the same thing regarding hangers! Seriously.

I have discovered that those plastic hangers is to just put them in the recycling bin.