14 January 2014

The Cool Part About Being Stranded in the Great White North

As I told you about in the previous post, we went to North Vancouver.  I've been to Vancouver as a child, as had Kevin, and I've been to the airport and all around the Lower Mainland but not to what they call "North Van".

We traveled over the largest bridge that I've ever been across.  I thought that the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was big but I was so very wrong.   The Alex Fraser is.  It's 500 feet high from the Fraser River, at it's tallest.  It feels like you go steeply uphill only to then go steeply downhill.  It's the second largest cable suspension bridge in North America.

It actually made me nervous and I'm not usually afraid of heights.  Of course, our friends use it often and would totally call us wusses for being hesitant. It's 8,000 feet long, which is about two miles. It feels like forever.

It looks at the mountains and in this picture they don't have snow, but they did and it was gorgeous.  The Fraser is always pretty but is a working river so you always see barges, tugboats, and fishing boats. 

I would recommend adding visiting Vancouver on your bucket list and to travel over the Alex Fraser.  There are bike & pedestrian crossings and I'm thinking of walking over it. I'm sure there are other fun and beautiful things in Vancouver. I just dig bridges.

That's an eagle lifting off from the first beam...Photo from The Province newspaper

Looking south from North Van toward the bridge. Picture from Google Images
This is the Tacoma Narrow Bridge, it's about half the size of Alex Fraser

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