23 July 2014

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted?

Guess who's unemployed!?!!  *This Girl*

I was laid off last week.  It wasn't totally unexpected and has turned out to be relieving.  We were working in such stressful conditions so it was just a release of pent up emotions when we realized we were finally done.  We were working in the unknown as the temporary bosses were not communicating with the admin staff.  To boot, there was no budget, accounts seriously past due, and non-compliance with regulators.  Each time we tried to address and fix the issues, we were told no.  It's as if they're trying to burn the place down. So to be released from that hell-ish space was  not that upsetting.  I think I'm more sad about not seeing my co-workers and some of the clients than anything else.

It sounds like it might not all be a done deal but I'm not getting my hopes up about it.  I won't work for the temporary bosses (the board still hasn't found a permanent replacement and is steadfastly ignoring that the temporary executive director is in way over her head) and would only return to work there if very specific needs were met.

I felt immediately compelled to get busy.  I got all my paperwork in order: insurance, retirement, employment security, budget stuff.  I registered on all the job sites and made lists. Then I sat on the couch and watched Greys Anatomy all afternoon, for three afternoons.

I did find myself decompressing more than I anticipated.  I guess I knew I was wound up but I didn't know how much I was wound up.  This week, while still keeping on a schedule, I have found myself just watching television, reading the interwebs, and reading.  Kevin's been checking in a little more, which gave me a heads-up as well.  I just didn't fully realize how the last nine months have worn me down.

So, I'm just going to play it by ear.  I'm going to take some time to just (I hate to say the buzzword) breathe. I'm lucky that this has happened during the summer and concentrate that this will just be another opportunity to have an adventure.

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