06 July 2014

Somebody Realign the Stars

It seems like many people have been having drama in their lives, like straight-up drama. Job issues, relationship issues, financial trouble.  I'm sure if I consulted the stars and psychics, they would tell me that something was in retrograde or the moon was in the eleventeenth house or something.  This is not helpful.  Sh*t is going down, y'all.

My work has been SHAKESPEAREAN in its drama.  I go to work every day expecting either that the doors are locked or that I will no longer have a job.  I often pull in, and to quote the Interwebs, am disappointed that the building isn't on fire.

Friends have had health issues, one after and another.  Relationships that are usually steady are unusually strained.  What the EFF universe?

During a conversation, I mentioned that "they" say if something keeps occurring that it means we simply haven't learned the intended lesson yet.  As in something is to be gained by these experiences and they will continue in varying forms until we "get it".

Can we just all remain stupid in this specific situation and move on?  It's summer, we're supposed to be happy-go-lucky and be relaxed and carefree. Must all of learn these cosmic lessons at the same time? Can we just maybe take turns, or better yet just skip it altogether?

Until then I guess we just have to remain as zen as we can.  Turn our faces to the sun and relax when we're able.  Surely, this too shall pass.

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