19 August 2014

The List

I try not to go into town more than once a week now that I'm unemployed.  It's to save money and to keep me from mischief.  So today I had a pretty good list of To-Do's plus two job interviews.  Don't get excited. One went well, the other not and I'm not one to get excited because I hate disappointment.

The errands were wide-ranging and took me all over town. I didn't go to the dollar store because it was too hot outside and I was over it.  Also see: mischief.

Taking a sandal to get repaired.  The first place wasn't open even though it was past ten so, well done shop-owner.  The second place was out of the way but they are repairing it for $7 so it's all good there. This is where I mention the sandal has been broken for three years.  Also, summer is nearly over and I can only wear them a little bit, if at all but they are my favorite.  This is the kind of fools errand that I too often find myself doing. And: $7.

I had to drop off a package at the UPS store.  I love being overly polite and kind to cashiers, it throws them off in a good way.  I'm guessing because people are often thoughtless, if not downright rude so it must be surprising. Hopefully in a good way.  I also love the amazon returns process is so easy.

We have Lucy on a specific dog food that is available at a small pet store downtown.  I kind of love going there because downtown is never boring.  It's a mix of big city with a dash of crazy kitsch. And parking meters.

I *had* to return to the bookstore to get the book that I thought I already had.  I might have bought another book as well.  I didn't want it to get lonely on the ride home.

I dropped a bunch of stuff off at Goodwill. Now I have time for stuff like that. It was stuff that kept getting thrown to the back of the coat closet that I meant to take while I was working. I also had stuff from culling the clutter from the living room.  Now that I've done this, I have to keep the ball rolling with this whole decluttering and taking it to the Goodwill thing.

I had to get my glasses readjusted again.  I'm really tough on glasses.  Along that same theme, I've already bumped them and undid the adjustment. 

Finally, I had to stop for groceries.  I had to pick up stuff that I forgot on the speed shopping that I did last week because Kevin was waiting for me.  I don't like going to this store so this wasn't so much a treat.

In celebration of two job interviews and nearly completing my list I stopped for an iced mocha.  When I pulled up to the window, my radio was kind of loud.  While I was turning it down, the guy came to the window to take my order.  I apologized and said that I had to turn down Howard Stern, not safe for public listening.  To my pleasant surprise, the guy smiled and exclaimed "Bababoey!"
Which means nothing to non-Howard listeners but is everything to listeners.  It made my whole day.

The only task left is the dollar store, which is one of those errands that cause trouble so I skipped it. (the paper is a gift from a client, it is made from paper grocery bag.)


Gigi said...

I love that you may have bought your book a companion so it wouldn't be lonely...sounds like something I might do.

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