25 August 2014

With Just a Click of a Button

The method of which I have been applying for jobs has been scatter-shot. I've applied to jobs randomly and wantonly. It's so easy to apply now-a-days, just a few clicks and you've applied.  So, it's a little too easy to just ask for a job that, perhaps, you have absolutely no interest in doing. 

Earlier today I applied for a part-time office manager job that is not far from my house.  This seemed a little too good to be true but on the premise of Why Not? I applied.

About an hour later, I received an email in response.  It had three questions, two of which were the standard "What is your wage requirements and when can you start if hired?" but the first question was the kicker:

"What are your feelings about providing services and communicating with individuals involved in the I-502 Initiative?"

Firstly, I had to look up which initiative 502 was.  It's the legalization of marijuana; which some of you may be aware that passed wholeheartedly.

Secondly, perhaps a sign of the weekend being spent watching Doctor Who, I responded with "A pop quiz then..." followed by my responses.

This is a tough thing for me because I'm not necessarily pro-pot.  I'm kind of annoyed about it actually.  I have a very low tolerance for people under the influence, especially high people. I also worry about the long-term ramifications that perhaps people haven't considered in their excitement over legalization.  i.e. brain development, increase in lung cancer, increase in mental illness diagnosis.

When I voted, I equated it with Washington State's privatization of liquor sales.  I'm so very glad that this happened after my dad passed.  A nearly life-long alcoholic, I can only imagine the negative effect this might have had on him.  (clarification: WA State used to have liquor sold only in state-owned stores, with business hours, and no liquor sales on Sundays in some areas versus sold everywhere/all the time)


This is one of those For the Greater Good situations.  These laws benefit more people than are harmed.  These laws have safeguards in place and the ability to adapt to the changes these new laws create.  So, I voted in favor of both.

This doesn't mean, however, that I'm interested in working for a dispensary or store front.  But it does have the possibility of being an interesting job, if not lucrative in the long run.  And this is a call-back to the statement in a previous post that "an application or interview doesn't mean you have the job."

So, yeah.  That's how my day went.

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