22 December 2014

Today's Chapter of Please Stop Talking

Kevin's parents anniversary was yesterday.  They've been married 57 years.  I know, right?

We bought them a book about the history of diners, movie theatres, and restaurants in Whatcom County so  they could sit together and reminisce about their adventures while growing up and in their early married years. 

One of the pictures show the motel where they stayed for their honeymoon.  It's a run-down, sketchy motel now and Kevin's mom said that it wasn't anything fancy back then.

I mentioned that I remembered her telling us that they had food poisoning after the wedding.  She said, and I quote for full impact, "Oh yes, he was standing there getting undressed..."  (This is where I'm mentally shouting "Please stop there, please stop there.") ... then she continued:  "when he made a mad dash for the bathroom."

That could have ended so differently.  Turns out there was bad shellfish of some kind at the reception and many people were sick.

Kevin, on the other hand, said "Well, they were both virgins so food poisoning? maybe not."

You hush your mouth, Kevin.  Oh, and thanks for extending the awkwardness.

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