07 January 2015

A Team Builder, in a Weird Way

So, I was asked by Life of a Doctor's Wife about the nerf guns at my new work.  It's a strange thing, really, as I'm sure you all think.  I don't know about the origin of how it came about.  My suspicions are around one of the owners sons, who seems to be the instigator 90% of the time.  (this instigator once army-crawled across the office to surprise someone...he's over six feet tall)

Everyone has a nerf gun.  It seems that some of the people have different kinds of bullets though. One set of them whistles, another travels like a curve ball. Someones are colored by sharpie.

Some people hardly use their guns.  It's like a personality type determination test.  I haven't used mine; being the new girl, it feels weird.  I do foresee using it though.  I owe the Instigator a few shots as I was caught in the crossfire, twice.

The pattern seems to be that the gunfights break out in the afternoon, about the time that everyone falls into that lull that happens around 2:30.  Everyone is quietly working then you hear the "thwack" of the gun and usually a giggle or a "Dude!" followed by more "thwacks".

It's funny to watch people's reactions when they don't work here and a melee breaks out.  Think salesmen, repairmen, new hires.  One of the new people was trying to complete paperwork as nerf bullets are whizzing by him.  Yesterday I took a call and when I said that the person was unavailable, the man on the phone asked if he was taking fire.

It appears to be a stress reliever and strangely a team builder.  When bullets land near me, I usually collect them then return them to the two girls whose desks seem to be the front line. Thus building an alliance. (I've watched Survivor)

The tech guys don't have them, as they're working out of the building most of the day I'm guessing.  I've seen them steal/borrow guns and join in at the end of the day though.  I always enjoy that part of the day.

Actually the way my desk is located I am out of the fray most times, save the occasional misfires that wing bullets my direction.  Again being the new girl, I think some are uncertain to shoot at me just yet.  I'm sure that will pass before too long.

(P.S. Life of a Doctor's Wife: I think she bought the Sheldon pen online.  Ebay, maybe?  CBS Store?)

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