02 January 2015

The Gift of the Magi

Everyone had kind of a rough year financially so Kevin's family decided for the adults to not exchange gifts.  When we were first together, it was a big extravagant process with stockings and presents from everyone.  Over the years it has gotten pared down to choosing a single name, buying for all the kids, and your spouse.  This year, presents were only for the kids and your spouse.

Kevin and I usually give each other two gifts, one at each family's houses.  This year, we were non-committal because we've reached the age where we don't need anything per se or what we want are big ticket items.

When I did my Christmas shopping on Amazon, I ordered the West Wing dvd set.  I figured it could be a present for the both of us but I would wrap it up for Kevin.  So, there was one present done.

When we were in Vegas, there weren't any event hoodies left to buy and Kevin was really disappointed.  I had to wait for the email saying they were in and it was getting close to being too late so I was starting to fret a little. Finally, just in time, the email arrived and I ordered one.  The next day I received another email for a different sweatshirt so I ordered that as well.  Okay, now I'm done with him.

Then, at dinner, Kevin asked about presents.  I told him that I didn't go big and to not worry about it too much.  I mentioned that we don't really need or want for much at this age.  He said that there was one thing that he wanted last year and didn't get.

Yeah, that feeling...the disappointment and dread.  I sat there hoping it was something I could order quickly.  He wanted a bug shield for his truck.  I had totally forgotten about it.  I had it saved on his wish list and everything and I still forgot.

I waited for him to fall asleep then grabbed my phone to order it.  Thank sweet baby jesus for the Amazon app and Amazon Prime.  I ordered it and it was due to be delivered the 23rd.  Cutting it close but I can roll with it.

So, I told Kevin's parents that it was arriving on the 23rd and could they please tackle the UPS guy and hide it at their house.  Yes, for sure.

The 23rd came and no present.  All day.  I was starting to panic.  We ate dinner and I was doing the dishes when I heard a truck.  They didn't come to our door though.  Soon, Kevin's dad called to say that a package ("From Vegas" he whispered into the phone) was dropped off.  It was his sweatshirts and not the shield.
I went over and got it, just to make sure.  As I came in the door, Kevin happened to be in the kitchen.  "What's that?" he asked.  "Um, well, it's, um, something for the niece. I totally forgot about it."

Half an hour passed and I was doing laundry, which is thankfully where the back door is.  Kevin is in the living room, cozy in his chair with the puppy, out of sight.  I heard a truck and immediately broke into a flop sweat.

Sure enough, they knocked on the door.  The puppy freaks out and I'm silently hoping Kevin just stays put.  It was the UPS guy and he had two boxes.  One was our magician's magic kit and the other was the shield.

The box for the shield was over six feet tall.  What.the.hell do I do with that?

We live in a tiny house so hiding places are non-existent. I stood in the laundry room like a Stooge, going back and forth trying to figure out where in the world I was going to hide this.  Laid across the washer & dryer? No. In the coat closet? big no.  In the office?  No place to put it. *bad words*  I couldn't sneak it next door because I'd already been over there and lied my face off to Kevin.

Finally, I thrust it in the extra bathroom shower.  Kevin rarely uses that bathroom and I knew it was super unlikely he would shower in there in the next 24 hours.  That would have to do.

We went to bed and I was still trying to figure it out.  Because of our trip to Seattle, I couldn't get it next door without being noticed.  I didn't have time to wrap it and even if I did, it wouldn't fit under the tree and he would know what it was.  Finally I just decided that I was going to put a bow on it and figure it out on Christmas morning.

Kevin always gets up before me because he's one of those annoying morning people.  I heard him in the shower and wondered what I was going to do with his present.

After he got halfway dressed, I told him "I couldn't shower in the other room, there's something in the shower and it's freaking me out."  (this is no lie, really)  He knows I'm not the kind of person that freaks out over bugs so he was a little concerned.

I hear the shower curtain move and a startled "Oh, sh*t! What is that? Oh....Totally Cool!"

So, I win.  Whew!

Three presents for him didn't go unnoticed.  He worried a few times that I felt bad but I assured him that I was fine. I've bought two books since then so I figure we're even.