26 January 2015

Blue Friday Night Dinner

Usually the family goes out for Friday Night Dinner every Friday.  Lately, Kevin's mom hasn't been up for it so we haven't been going.  Kevin and I have both realized how much we prefer to stay at home.   We're just over eating out at restaurants.

So, the deal is that if he works on Saturday we don't go.  Or if we do go, we take a separate vehicle. Sometimes, and these are good days, Kevin just decides he doesn't want to go.

Last Friday, I texted him in the afternoon and said that I was thinking about take-out for dinner.

He writes: "I told them I would go to dinner. Sorry. I understand if you stay home"
Me: "Dude"
Him: "I know. I suck."
Him, again: "Brother bought mom a Seahawk shirt and she said she can't wait to wear it out of blue Friday night."

It turns out that she wanted to wear her Seahawks shirt for Blue Friday.  Kevin had to explain that it's Blue Friday and not Friday Night.  A person wears their Seahawks gear all day, not just to dinner.


Coincidentally I had ordered a hoodie for Kevin and it arrived that afternoon.  So, I wore my hoodie and he wore his.

She was so pleased that we were all honoring Blue Friday.

Then, during dinner, she explained that she won the shirt as a bet from Kevin's brother.  Kevin was all "What, now?"  She explained that she said "If the Hawks win, then I get a shirt!"  Somewhere in her muddled brain, she has decided that she won a bet versus just making a wish for a shirt.

So, Kevin's brother bought her a shirt when they won on Sunday to settle their bet.

Now, she's looking at the sweatshirts that Kevin and I were wearing and "betting" that if they win again, she could have a sweatshirt.

This is where smart phones are invaluable.  I clicked on my Amazon app and tried to reorder the sweatshirt like Kevins.  It increased by $20 in less than a week.  Yikes.  I kept browsing and found one slightly different for less.  One-click-purchase and it will be here tomorrow. She is none-the-wiser.

Now she can really celebrate Blue Friday and the Super Bowl.

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