25 March 2017

10 Levels of Happiness

One of my planned tasks/coping techniques is a 30-day Writing Challenge.  I never make time for these and I always want to do them.  I'm squelching the OCD that disagrees with starting this on the 24th of the month and not the first.  So, here goes.

Topic #1: 10 Things that Make Me Happy and Why

Kevin...he's so patient with me.  I know I'm not a picnic to be married to.  It's been 27 years and sometimes it feels like it's been five minutes.  Plus, he's super fun to hang out with and easy to look at.

The kids...although they're not my children, they have become so.  I just can't describe the joy they have brought into our lives. As someone who has always known she can't have children, I didn't guess that my life with be this full of them.

Lucy...she's the happiest dog we've ever had.  She's a great snuggler when your life sucks, she's a good companion in the truck, and look at this face:

Coffee.  I know this seems frivolous and cliche.  But it's not just the need of it. It's the process, the ritual. It's purposefully doing something that I enjoy.

Television...see the above.  I was raised by the television so it is a source of comfort.  It's a companion.  

Reading...It doesn't matter if it's the interwebs, a magazine, or a book series.  My love of reading has been lifelong. 

Hamilton...I've not experienced music in the way that the Hamilton soundtrack has affected me.  Every time I listen to it, I seem to learn something that I hadn't caught before.

Gardening...this is a new one.  I haven't developed a love for it until recently.  Now I find I'm itching to go dig in the dirt, pull weeds, and care for the flower garden I've planted.  I'm even considering a kitchen garden, which makes the younger me laugh and laugh.

Photography...I enjoy randomly stopping to take photos.  I've gone places I probably shouldn't.  I've gotten soaking wet and cold.  I've learned to be in the moment.  I've documented moments for the family that I know will be beyond valuable in the years to come.

Soaking wet in January, I misjudged the timing of the waves. 
Writing...I mean, duh.  But it helps quiet my brain.  As someone who has three thoughts, song lyrics, and a to-do list simultaneously and constantly scrolling through her brain, writing helps slow the process.  It gives my imagination something to do.  It provides me a place to document memories that I know will fade in time.  It requires me to be still.

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