06 March 2017

Musical Trucks - A Love Story

Firstly, it's never going to stop snowing here. Like, ever.  I honestly don't remember the last day where there wasn't snow on the ground...December?  This is really unusual for the lovely Pacific Northwest and while it was fun for a while, I'd like to break up with it now.  It's not it, it's me.

This morning I'm driving a new truck.  I'm still having a bit of anxiety so the excitement level is a little low.  My beloved 4Runner was pronounced terminal by our mechanic a week ago.  I'm terribly sad about this and yes, I have an unnatural attachment to things.

I have always wanted a 4Runner and I absolutely love it.  The problem being is the body style that I love the mostest has the crappiest engine and isn't worth fixing.  Boo.  We've already fixed it once because we bought it for next-to-nothing so it was worth the investment.  Not so much this time though.

We started out looking for a newer 4Runner but I just don't like that body style and they were few & far between.  So, we were going to roadtrip to Idaho to a truck place and get one.  Because I'm fussy about my vehicles and Kevin is a saint.

Then, the next morning Kevin, in his Kevin-like way, found a Durango (Dodge version of the 4Runner) that he really liked.  I was tepidly considering getting a Dodge truck at the time so I was open to the idea.

But it was over on the coast.  Gah.  The guy was in a hurry to sell it so double-gah.  Kevin left work early and over we went.  It was a pretty cool truck so we jumped at the chance.  But, the seller is a soldier and on duty so we had to wait until Saturday morning to go get it. Nothing about this is seeming easy.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to almost six inches of snow on the ground again. We headed out, again, and I couldn't even get excited because the thought of driving a new truck in this snow was making me crazy.  It's not like I've had good luck in the snow.  (see previous post)

But we got over there just fine and the snow was just in the mountains so that was nice.  As we were leaving the coast, Kevin phoned his dad to ask him if it was still snowing.  "Oh, yes, it's dumping down here and it hasn't stopped!"

We got home and the roads were clear and it was almost sunny.  WTH.  I hovered between thanking sweet, tiny, baby jesus and punching an old man for being melodramatic.

I put my 4Runner on the craigslist for sale and Kevin's phone blew up.  There was someone who wanted to come look at it and was certain he wanted it.  I went to find the title and not so much.  I emptied the drawer and every file and no title.  What.the.actual.hell.is happening.

I never lose things.  I'm just not that girl. I have paperwork for a car that we don't even own anymore from 2004. I don't lose things, I keep them. So, I was thinking about it.  We got the truck in November 2011 then went on vacation then it was the holidays.  In Spring 2012 was when I broke my foot off my leg and was home for six months.  I realized that the title had never arrived.  GAH.  It's been five years!

So, we had to take the ad back down and wait until today to get a new one, with the idea it was going to take at least a few months and we would be stuck with this broken yard-art of a truck.  I drove past it this morning and felt a little guilty.  It's such a pretty truck and it's a crying shame that it's junk.

Our tax return went toward a new-to-me vehicle this year so hooray? It sure is pretty and I'll fall in love with it too, eventually.  Maybe after the old truck is gone and I don't feel so guilty.  I have issues, obviously.

Oh, and then Kevin's truck blew a head gasket yesterday.  Because of course it did. The irony in this situation is that he has been teasing me about being so attached to my truck. I told him he had karma patiently waiting for him because when it's time to sell that truck, it will be exactly the same.  And here we are.  But we'll probably fix his because it's fixable.  Lucky duck.

Snow was melting when I took this and now we have more

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