27 March 2017

We Are Always Going to Be Annoying

"Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot."

Ugh, two entries in and I'm all "Can we skip this one?"  I'm back in high school, not wanting to do the writing assignment.

I'm sure the intent of the prompt is to think if something positive that someone would have said to you.  But I think that in being human, one would tend to think of negative things first.  Maybe I'm wrong but that's been my experience among humans.

Well, the first thing that popped into my mind is appropriate for the situation that I've found myself in currently.  I don't remember who said it though.  To be honest, I've probably heard it more than once, just phrased differently. So, para-phrased:

"Who you are, as a person, is always going to draw someone's ire."

I can be outspoken, not outgoing usually but outspoken.  A person rarely has to guess how I'm feeling about something.  I'm known to be blunt, in a direct way and hopefully not in a mean way.  I know a little about a lot of things and I've had a lot of life experiences that perhaps gives me a different perspective.  I live in boy world, where filters and feelings are rarely employed.

So, I'm no church mouse nor the super popular cheerleader.  I am certainly not everyone's cup of tea.  It also seems that if someone is insecure in their own person, I can be a nightmare.  Or I can be your best friend, or both, of that I am sure.  Sometimes it seems like  there is no middle ground. 

And maybe that statement applies to everyone.  Who we are is always going to annoy someone else. 

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