24 March 2017

Down the Rabbi Hole Again

I've started this post a few times. I've given it ten titles, many just using curse words.  "Nothing Gold Can Stay", "Won't Get Fooled Again",  "FML", "Starting Over", "An Early Spring Break", "Didn't See That Coming".   You probably get the idea.

I'm not working again.  Again.  In a zany twist that I didn't see coming and could not have predicted, I lost my job.  My dream job.  No warning, conducted like an assassination by strangers, and leaving a big scar in my psyche. 

It's been a week and I'm still a little shell-shocked.  I mean, seriously I did not see this coming.  One moment I was  working and the next, not so much.  The reasons given at the time didn't add up but now that time has passed, personal agendas, leadership changes, and budgets seem to be the cause. 

So, EFF.  Seriously.  (another possible title, that one)

There's no way not to take this personally.  There is no way not to internalize this.  There is no way not to feel angry and hurt. 

Here I am starting over again, again.  I've been here before but for vastly different reasons.  I've only held three real long-term jobs in my adulthood of twenty-cough years; one lasting nearly thirteen years, the other seven years and this was the one I was going to stay at forever. 

I get to decide once again, who I want to be when I grow up.  What do I want to do and where do I want to do it.  I really thought I had this figured out but apparently the Universe was bored and needed to mix things up. This is where my more metaphysical friends would nod knowingly and say "There's something else out there for you, this wasn't the right path."   While I know deep down that it's true, I still kind of want to yell curse words and stomp. 

A coping mechanism I'm trying to deploy is one of structure.  I'm keeping myself on the same schedule, as if I were still working.  I'm applying for all the jobs I'm qualified for, regardless of my interest in them.  I've given myself a timeline and schedule to keep, I'm not going to relax into the time-off like in the past.  I'm trying to focus on other things like completing projects and purposefully pursuing hobbies. 

I'm trying not to fall down the rabbit hole, because that would be incredibly easy.  Thus the structure plan and employing self care that I wouldn't regularly do.  But that rabbit hole has been enticing, for sure.

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