26 September 2016

Someone Just Send Me a Damn Book

For the longest time, I was signed up with a book club that allowed a person to build a Want to Read list and they sent a book each month from that list for $10 monthly. It worked great for me because I could add a book then forget about it until it arrived.  It also allowed me to have a list to refer to when I found myself in a bookstore.

 I had noticed that the selection of books were waning and wondered how long it was going to last.  And, the answer was not much longer.  Now I'm on the hunt for something to replace this club.

I find The Literary Club is annoying.  It's the electronic version of Send in the Coupon or We'll Send You the Book and Overcharge You Greatly.   It's slightly different as it's via email but it's confusing how it actually works.  There's credits, and shipping charges if you don't order more than one book, and it might just be me but a slight tone of disapproval if you decline the  featured selection.

So, then I looked at the Book of the Month Club.  This is similar but different.  It gives a person five choices and the shipping appears free.  But it tweaks my Don't Tell Me What to Read rebellion.  I am considering it  but I haven't committed.

There is, of course, always Amazon.  Here's the thing about that: it's like a crack dealer to me.  I go with the intention of buying just one book but then I've added five more to my cart and a bathmat or movie or all.the.things. So yeah, crack dealer.  I will pre-order a book though then promptly forget that I do it until Surprise!

I just want someone to send me a book I want to read each month with very little effort required of me.  Is that too much to ask?  Probably.

So, I did a search of subscription services and finally landed on this one.  The Bookish Box

It is not a book club, per se.  So, it doesn't fulfill the book need.  But it does fulfill the OMG TREATS! need.

I signed up for the one that doesn't include a t-shirt and I'm still dithering over that decision.  But OMG treats!

Bookmarks! magnet! highlighter & page markers! tea! earrings!  Book preview!

So, the search continues for a book club subscription that fulfills my bratty needs. Until then, I highly recommend the Bookish Box.  It was so worth it just based on the fun of opening it.

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