13 September 2009

Powering Back On

It's been a week of "radio silence" and now it's time for life to return to normal.

So, what's been going on? *looking around*

Well, we just watched Kanye be a complete TOOL on MTV.

And I just heard the "rumor" that Lady GaGa might be a transvestite. Totally get that.

Our niece took our six-year-old nephew to his first concert. Katy Perry. I'm sure that's in the Top 10 Things to Do with Your Children, yes?

Coming home from work on Friday, there was a horse on the road. Yeah, the same human that allowed the dog to get loose that I subsequently hit with the truck had now managed to lose a HORSE. Clearly a responsible individual. The funny part of this story is I met Gretta, the dog I hit! She's fine but not-so-much pretty. There's a Frankenstein-like scar on her head and a droopy eye. Otherwise, she's a friendly dog. She seemed to hold no ill will toward me or the truck.

Swistle is on a cleaning tour through her home in prep for the visit from her monster-in-law. In solidarity, I cleaned out my closet and cleaned underneath the kitchen sink. I know, I should slow down, huh?

My fourteen year old niece kicked a guy to the curb because he said "I love you" after the first week of dating. GOOD GIRL. Way to avoid Future Stalker!

School has begun again and the weather has taken on a Fall feeling. My goal is to be on track and on task. Never accomplished that before but WTH, I'll give it a try.

Good to be back y'all.

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