26 September 2009

Signs of Life

One of the more interesting...or perhaps weird...things I've wondered about since my Dad died is whether or not he would present himself in any way.

The answer is yes.

The day before his memorial I was home alone, writing on the laptop in the living room. The wind kicked up suddenly, unusual where we live, and the bedroom door slammed shut. The lamp next to the bed also crashed to the floor.

I didn't even get up to look. "Hi Dad" is all I said.

The light momentarily going out during the memorial service. It was in a string of fluorescent lights and only one went out. Not flickered, but off then on. And no one was near a light switch. I think someone even said "There's Fred" when it happened.

There are lots of legends about signs from the "afterlife". Pennies, we've discussed before. I haven't noticed any more pennies than before. Even my mom mentioned, during the ghost sighting conversation, that she hadn't noticed any pennies. "But leave it to your dad to do things differently."

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Dynamita said...

I think they have different ways of communicating, and it's often in a way you will notice. Unseasonable or unusual amounts dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds etc in your garden or some other symbolic-for-you unusual events. The important thing is that you are open to them!!