19 September 2009

This. House. Is. Clean.

Saturdays are usually my housecleaning day. This summer I haven't been on schedule so much but with living on the outskirts of OCD-ville, it hasn't been an Oh My God-like issue.

Today the house is clean from top to bottom. It hasn't been this clean in a while. I may not allow the dog or Kevin to enter. Good for them the family lives next door.

In fact, earlier my m-i-l asked if she could come over to have me order something online. Kevin told her "Firegirl is, er, *busy*, right now." Which is code for "Firegirl has the house torn up from the floor up and no one is allowed in until it is righted." Bless him.

In continued solidarity with Swistle, I cleaned every window in this house and deep cleaned the bathrooms. I feel so accomplished!

Swistle also asked how everyone folded their towels. I roll them, military style, which was a miracle because when we moved into this house, we discovered that the old house had a bigger linen closet. Yikes. However, rolling the washcloths have been a fail thus far. The drawer is so small that if you grab one, you get two and create a frustrating little avalanche of washcloths.

Funny how towel folding has bonded us all.

Cleaners...everyone has their favorites. I tend to use the old standards: PineSol, 409, Comet, and Windex. I've tried all the others and they just don't work as well; especially Windex. I've also tried the environmentally friendly cleaners & found them also failing. Along with the generic products, the e-friendly cleaners have to use twice as much in order to get the same results. Unlike the generics, I get to pay twice the price for half the use. Yeah. Fail.

I use rags instead of wipes. I cringe at the image of the landfills filled wipes and Swiffers. Oh, Swiffers! I just can't get behind them. I've tried them at the Mother-in-Laws and while I appreciate the principle, I've found a mop works better. Although the Swiffer commercial with the broom in the hot tub makes me laugh...watch it, notice that he drops his towel in front of the housewife at the end of the commercial.

The only disposable thing that I use is the Swiffer duster. I could simply never live with out my duster. As it's my least favorite chore, I feel somewhat justified spending the extra money and contributing to the landfill.

Now, Dirty Dancing is on ABC Family and I'm going to sit on my ass and watch it. Join me, won't you?


Not Your Aunt B said...

Here, here for old school cleaners and the swiffer duster. There must be something in the air as I deep cleaned the kitchen, dining & living room yesterday. Love it!

Bethany said...

I'm all for Pine-Sol, washcloths and simple cleaners. Hehe. Glad you got the house cleaned...now come do mine, please?? ;)