04 September 2009

Worst Job Ever

After several attempts, I finally got a good picture of this job...

I can't imagine the grossness of this job as I think my body would physically turn inside out. Sweaty polyester that who knows how many people have worn. The person waves as if to say "I've abandoned all hope and yes, I'm aware of how stupid I look."

In case you can't tell, it's a giant pancake that stands on the street corner, encouraging people to eat at IHOP. Umm, yeah. NO.


Not Your Aunt B said...

I would quit. Unless they pay really well. I also feel bad for the guys who stand out on the road with the realtor signs or new home builder signs. It is over 100 degrees, the economy sucks, and if they didn't already google the property, they ain't gonna stop to look. On the other hand, pancake man might make me stop for pancakes. They are a form of cake after all.

Bethany said...

Ugh- definitely not fun!

But, I think I know exactly where this picture was taken now that I've been there- lots of hotels on the road if I'm right? Thanks for the email when I was up there!

Firegirl said...

yes, Bethany, exactly! just off the freeway! You learned the city well! (:-D

Bea - Taco Time is across the street & I asked the workers if they mock the person and they laughed guiltily. Would you believe they call the pancake "Suzie"? OMG.