18 June 2010


When I chose that date, I thought for sure it would be a lucky one. Even numbers, multiple eights, just an overall pleasant sounding date.

Oooh boy was I wrong. Way past wrong.

I have finally reached the place where I don't regret marrying Michael. I don't want to punch random objects when I hear his name. I don't feel sad or angry or well, anything. Hmm, I don't feel anything. Anger? gone. Fear? gone. Embarrassment? gone.

I don't remember that time clearly but memories are beginning to pop back up; pleasant ones nonetheless. Not, to clarify, not love or affectionate feelings but horror used to be the first impulse and that has faded.

It began as a fairy tale and ended as a horror flick. Now twenty-plus years later, I am starting to see the romantic comedy of it.

It was a good day. I had a good time, if nothing else

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