04 June 2010

76 Trombones

My dad would have been 77 years old today. It's kind of weird to acknowledge the birthday of someone who has passed. We didn't quite know what to do so we didn't do anything other than acknowledge the day.

A friend posted a status update the other day of "76 trombones led the way to the parade" and it made me a little sad. Last year at this time, I asked my dad how old he was. He smiled & said "76 trombones led the parade..." He was so pleased to be able to say that.

He lived much longer than any of us ever anticipated. His parents both passed away in their sixties. We figured that alcohol or heart disease would take him out young as well. I think he was pleased that he outlived his parents.

Last year at this time was awful. The clock was ticking and we all knew it. We all counted down with each day or event..."this is the last birthday..."

It is a relief that the ticking clock isn't anymore.

I don't miss my dad, he wasn't there to miss. I think of him often. Usually when something catches my attention on television. In his waning days, he watched Cash Cab a lot. When I see it on the menu, I usually smile.

The last true words that he said to me were "Be Good". So that's what I leave you with tonight. A parade tune and advice to Be Good.


Swistle said...

Holy crap, you know what's kind of weird? WE WATCHED THE MUSIC MAN LAST NIGHT.

creative kerfuffle said...

be good indeed. that sounds lame, but i guess this post makes me wonder about how i will feel when my dad dies. morbid to think about since he's only 62.