13 June 2010

At the Movies

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Mostly, I've been catching up on movies I haven't had time or the attention span to see over the past few years.

I sat through three hours of Benjamin Button. Although Brad Pitt is abnormally gorgeous, I finished it wondering "What was the point of that?" Then I read that it was based on a F. Scott Fitzgerald story. Had I known that, I would have passed. I'm just not a fan.

I finally got to watch "UP". What a great movie. The first fifteen minutes just about killed me. And the dogs. OMG the dogs. Whoever drew & wrote their dialogue are definitely dog owners.

The Proposal. I really enjoyed it. C'mon, Ryan Reynolds for pete's sake. I would watch him recite the alphabet in a white room.

Julie & Julia. I loved this movie! And I really wasn't that interested in watching it. Amy Adams did such a great job. It made me want to cook. I know, right?

Sunshine Cleaning. Emily Blunt is becoming one of my favorite actresses. I found the concept of the cleaning company fascinating. Gross, but fascinating.

Seven Pounds...again, I was left wondering "What was the point?" The perfect example of movies needing to do a little more character development. Also, not a Rosario Dawson fan.

Last Chance Harvey, Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson. Sheer perfection.

Rachel Getting Married. I just couldn't sympathize with her. And I love Anne Hathaway usually.

I realize these are older movies. Remember, I'm just getting caught up from the last three years.

I want to see Avatar, just to see what the hype is all about. I just need someone (emphatic nodding in Kevin's general direction) to settle down long enough to watch it. There was a little bit of pouting because I watched The Proposal without him, but then that could have been because Sandra Bullock is nakey in it.

And The Hangover. I loved every single minute of that movie. Am I the only one that finds Ed Helms attractive? missing tooth and all.

Also, there are two things that are bothering me about movies right now. One has been ongoing:

#1 - The mis-marketing of movies. They have to categorize everything and sometimes they just get it wrong. So frustrating.

#2 - When there is a romantic relationship and it finally comes to fruition, I don't care about the girls expression: I want to see the guys face. Romantic comedies are written for women and gay men. We want to see the guy's expression, not her reaction.

Also, to whine just a little, can we please not make every single movie in 3-D? Please? I can't see it so it's wasted on me. And if we're being honest, can we let us mere mortals use our imaginations while watching movies? Must we have everything so defined?

What movies have you loved? What movies have you disliked?


Sheryle said...

As always, great blog wonderful way to end the day. Great movies, Love Actually is high up on my list, also Great Expectations, and Sleeping with the Emeny

Swistle said...

I loved Up, too! I cried and cried the first 15 minutes, and then for the rest of the movie I kept saying, "I want a doggggggggggggg!!"

creative kerfuffle said...

i haven't seen all of these yet, but---julia & julie, or whatever it is. LOVED it. AWESOME. now, go read my life in france by julia child. i found i loved the julia child part of the movie the most so reading that book was a great follow up.
up--also surprisingly good. the proposal--also good and i want to live in that house in alaska or wherever they were.
ben buttons--i can't remember all the deets but i remember i cried.
avatar is an interesting graphic watch--story line, etc. did little for me. it is a techno wonder though.
i haven't seen the others you mentioned.
oh--a MUST MUST MUST watch---whip it. drew barrymore is in it and directed it and so is ellen page (is that her name? from juno? (also one of my faves))
hangover--eh. i laughed, it was ok but i think people oversold that one.