26 June 2010


[a commercial appears as a hologram when WALL-E passes nearby]
The jewel of BnL fleet; The Axiom! Spend your five year cruise in style: Maided on 24 hours a day by our fully automated crew, while your captain and autopilot chart a course for non-stop entertainment, fine dining; And with our all-access hoverchairs, even grandma can join the fun! There's no need to walk! The Axiom - Putting the "star" in executive StarLiner!

Today I did a little experiment. I still had a WalMart card with a balance on it from the failed bedroom redecorating project and I needed groceries.

The WalMart by my hometown is a brand new Super Walmart. I have been in there a few times but never for groceries. It's a pretty doggone big store. Even when it's busy, it doesn't seem like it inside. This morning it was actually quiet.

Luckily, I have been in the SWM in Vegas so the layout was kind of familiar. It still took me longer to find stuff than I would prefer in a store.

The one that I noticed that really started to bother me was the television screens advertising products on the aisle. It was distracting because you hear the voices but don't see anyone. After awhile, I began to feel like I was on that spaceship in WALL-E, with the constant bombardment of noise and images.

BFF K had told me to pay attention to serving sizes, etc. She's right in the fact that they are off just a tiny bit. Enough that you wouldn't notice unless someone wise pointed it out to you. It felt like being in one of those grocery outlet stores which seems like a good deal until you do that math.

If you buy the store brand, the labels are black & white and makes me remember when generic was first offered as an option in grocery stores. (Yes, I am that old. hush) But the fun thing is that it kept reminding me of the Dharma food on LOST. If I looked at it that way, I felt kind of hip and groovy.

In the end, I did the math and I don't think there was any significant savings versus my regular grocery store, Fred Meyers (or Krogers for you right coasters) Which is kind of a relief as I like my store so much. Also, I think there is a bigger risk of me overspending at the Wally World because the non-grocery items are less expensive than other stores.

Where do you grocery shop? At one store faithfully or at a few different stores? Coupons?


creative kerfuffle said...

ah the swm, or the evil empire as i like to call it. sadly we sometimes shop there because when you need roundup and milk and notebook paper it's a one stop shop. we have 4 grocery stores and though i most often shop the cheapest two (and use coupons) i scope out the others for their sales.

Sheryle said...

Myself the smaller the store, the better, I miss the "old days" one store for produce one for meat one for "staples" and yes I am that old I cand remember shopping was the "outing" for the day.

Anonymous said...

Sprouts (an organic, wholesome kind of store- yet cheap) and Super Target (Target! Only super!)