05 June 2010

First Date

First dates were being discussed on the radio tonight. I had to laugh at myself because there are two important things to know about Kevin & my first date.

1. It lasted two days. And if we're honest, it is still going on.

2. We actually slept together before we *slept together*

I think I've told the story before about how Kevin and I "met". I put met in quotation marks because we knew each other from before but didn't really hang out. There was that whole marriages thing and seven years age difference. You know, the usual stuff.

He asked me out while we were in a bar & I was avoiding a total tool. I felt like a freshman being asked out by a senior.

The date? A car show. Yeah, even then, my life was immersed in cars. It was a nice time, we knew lots of mutual people so that was kind of fun. Until. Until his friend came along. And invited himself to lunch. Yeah. Nice.

And thus began my dislike of this person. It's been twenty years and I still want to poke him in the eye when I see him.

After lunch we...you know, I am not even sure...eventually we met his brother to go out for dinner & dancing. I was still in the swooning mode at this point and when he took my hand going into the restaurant, swooning times infinity.

Then we danced. We don't dance anymore. Of course, we don't drink anymore so the math plays out on that one. Then we kissed. The song playing was unfortunately this:

We went back to his house and while you can think that it was all chicka-chicka-bow-wow, it wasn't. It's actually a funny story but one kept amongst husbands & wives. I did stay the night, thus the "slept together before *slept together* statement.

I will never forget the telephone ringing at 7:30 in the morning. Kevin answered it just a little bit snarky. It was his brother wanting him to come over for breakfast before they went four-wheeling.

I died a thousand deaths when he had to tell his brother that I was still there.

So we went to breakfast ( yeah that wasn't embarrassing at all) then Kevin took me four-wheeling in his truck. We have a picture in the hallway of us going through the mud & water at the river. I loved it!

And it wasn't long before I loved him.

And they lived Happily Ever After, still technically on our first date.

What was your first date? Or, what was your favorite first date?


Swistle said...


My best first date was with my high school boyfriend. I had all these ideas about what High School Romance was supposed to be like, and it was like he had all the exact same ideas. On our first date he took me "sand-duning," which suddenly sounds gross/suggestive now that I've put it in quotes, but all it meant was that we went to a place that had sand dunes and we climbed on them and slid down them and then sat together midway down one and talked. And YES, FINE, the talk was lovey-dovey! And it was NIGHT TIME, so there were stars! And then after we went to McDonald's and had hot fudge sundaes and he sat there GAZING at me, and his co-workers (he worked there part-time) kept sneaking out to take peeks at us, and he would blush and laugh but he was obviously PROUD rather than embarrassed. Man, it was GREAT. I really wish we'd worked out in the long run (sadly, he was too dumb and too cheaty), just because we had so many awesome dates I like to think back on.

Swistle said...

On our second date, we BAKED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. *swoon*

Swistle said...

And now I feel like it looks like I meant there was making out at the sand dunes, but actually he didn't kiss me for TWO MONTHS. Again: PERFECTLY in line with what I thought High School Romance should be like (I'd just turned 16).

Swistle said...

Hey, this is a fun topic, can you tell?