10 June 2010

First Thoughts

A discussion on the radio the other evening was "What is your first thought in the morning?" Not "Oh God, it's morning" but your true first thought.

One person thought of his kids, another thought something along the lines of "This might be my last day on earth, I have to make the best of it." One was one of those obnoxious "happy to be alive" people.

Because I am not a morning person AT ALL, I had to really think about it. Because my first thought is indeed, "Eff, it's morning already?"

Finally, I realized it's this: "Where's Kevin?"

As in:

"Where's Kevin? Am I late?"

"Where's Kevin? Is it time to go get a mocha?"

"Where's Kevin? and why is the dog barking?"

What is your first thought in the morning?


Swistle said...

My first thought is usually a task that really must be tackled that day. Like I'll think, "Cat box---TODAY" or "Trash---TODAY" or "Today I'm going to work on the laundry situation, and I'm also going to plant that catnip." Or today I thought, "WINE TONIGHT." (It's been a long week.)

creative kerfuffle said...

i will have to think harder about this one because really, my brain wakes up about an hour after my body actually starts moving.