23 June 2010

Honk Honk Wave

Traveling as much as I do on the freeway, I've seen plenty of things. Beautiful things, horrible things, lots of things.

But today made me giggle all day long. As a firm believer in Karma, I was lucky enough to see it happen right before my very eyes.

On the way to work this morning, there was a van bullying it's way through traffic. It was one of those serial killer vans with blacked out windows and a generally creepy aura.

It got behind me and I pulled into the next lane when I got an opportunity. It went by me just to get stuck behind another car. Another car that tapped its brakes then eventually changed lanes.

There is one last curve on the freeway before it drops down into town. Locals know to slow down before that curve and to be in the right lane. State patrolmen love to sit on the first on-ramp, just out of sight until it's too late.

Well, this morning was our lucky day because there was Mr State Patrolman, patiently waiting .

As if we'd all communicated, we all slowed way down. Like 50 in a 65 mph zone slow. It was already obvious that the van had been speeding but it became hugely obvious once he suddenly pulled ahead of us because we slowed down.

The group continued to slow down to let the kindly officer into traffic, get behind the serial killer van, and pull him over.

I think we were all smiling as we finished our drive to work this morning.


Swistle said...


creative kerfuffle said...

ha! i love it. those serial killer vans freak me the hell out. now of course i'm wondering if, when the cop pulled the van over, they ran a check on them and found out they actually WERE a serial killer and apprehended them!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Sweet! The best revenge!