22 June 2010

News & Notes

Summer finally arrived here in the lovely Pacific Northwest today. And where did I spend it? In bed and not in a good way. I have a stomach thing going on and it is sucking the life out of me.

Yesterday I did a happy dance in the middle of the tiny, one room post office. I am officially a paid writer. My BlogHer check came in. It's not huge but enough for me to consider a small Barnes & Noble spree.

I had an anonymous commenter on the baseball player post. So here's the thing with me: I am a big proponent of free speech however, you have to have the balls to use your name. Anonymous comments will probably be deleted, unless of course they are wonderfully complimentary.

The racecar has been delayed one more month due to mechanical issues. I have to admit that I am not hugely disappointed. It is kind of nice having weekends at home.

The "Woof" post I posted automatically without finishing it so well done me. The only part I would like to mention is that I think the neighbor dog is a bitch partially because one of the owners is difficult. Difficult as in "I don't know who Bon Jovi is" and when someone called her on it, she left in a huff. So the theory, I just realized, is either the dog is a bitch because she hasn't been exposed to Bon Jovi or because the owner is a pain-in-the-ass.

That and what I meant about Missy Jo being an UFC fighter is that she pins the dog down and holds her there as if to say "Are we done? Because I can go all day, bitch"
(I should just repost that one, huh?)

Garden update: there has been so much rain that many of the flowers died and if it wasn't the rain, it was the slugs because of the rain. My funny little mother-in-law was on a "Slug Killing Spree" (her words, not mine) when I got home today.

Okay, that's all I got. Until I hit "publish", of course.

Happy Summer Everyone! Did anyone do anything fun to celebrate the Solstice?


Swistle said...

Oh, I agree. Free speech comes with certain responsibilities: we don't say it's "free speech" if it's spray-painted anonymously on a wall, or delivered anonymously in a letter made up cut-up magazines. Free speech is for PEOPLE, and people have identifying characteristics. Trolls and spammers do not.

I love the description of Missy Jo. She should totally blast Bon Jovi at that dog.

Not Your Aunt B said...

How do you like being a BlogHer blogger? I have my paperwork to turn in, but with the craziness of the past 2 months, I have not. I had some concerns as I post about the ER and the clinic and being worried than being on BlogHer would make it more public and possibly bring on issues I don't want. Free speech isn't all that free, especially when people can get in trouble over what they say.

Melina said...

Congrats on being a payed writer! How exciting! I used to live in Seattle and all my friends tell me what a horrible 'juneuary' it's been. feel better soon!


(From the wilder coast. I'm the opposite of anonymous...)

Firegirl said...

@Swistle... I know, right? I knew I was going to have to decide what to do with anonymous posts and I decided that it was best. Y'all want to comment, you best use your name. (:-D

@Bea...I like being a BlogHer blogger. It hasn't disrupted me a bit but has made me be responsible & write every day. (:-D
I keep info to initials or general information as best I can.

@Melina.hahahaha. Yes, it has definitely been Juneuary here.

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah for being paid to write : ) and i love missy jo as a ufc fighter LOL. and, while i realize i am sometimes out of the culture loop, WHO does NOT know BON JOVI? really?
now, splain this blogher blogging thing to me. i am intrigued.