03 June 2010

Piece of Cake

So my mom called today to tell me that my little brother fell off an airplane.

No worries, he is fine-ish. He works at Boeing, on the 777's, he slipped banana peel style, and fell to the ground. He severely split his elbow and is bruised so while it sucks, he is incredibly lucky.

Now I am thinking of texts to send him to cheer him up.

"Sorry you fell off the airplane dude."

"At least you didn't break a hip"

"You fell down & went BOOM!?!?!"

Yeah, we're a sympathetic group.

After telling me all about it, she said "So, you're doing just fine."

OMG MOM. Really?

It's like saying "piece of cake". I might as well announce that I haven't had a ticket in a while.

Never, ever, ever acknowledge to the universe that things are going well. The universe looks forward to pronouncements like that.

I'm so jinxed now. I didn't walk down to the mailbox after that. I am not picking up sharp things. I may just go to bed.

What jinxes do you believe in?


Sheryle said...


Not Your Aunt B said...

We're all about Murphy's Law. I pack our entire pharmacy (that's what it is when you're a nurse!) every time we travel because the ONE thing I forget, is the ONE thing we all get sick with. And we'll never have a healthy Christmas so we're just going to celebrate it in July this year.

creative kerfuffle said...

i am trying the reverse--putting good things out in the universe so good things (like maybe a job) come my way. but i'm wondering if the universe realizes our motivation for our good deeds and therefore will not reciprocate. yes, this thought keeps me up at night.