28 June 2010

Taco Tuesday

I was making dinner tonight and enjoying, more than any normal person should, grating cheese. There is just something satisfying about grating cheese. *Insert your psychological profile opinion here *

In the town where Kevin works, the Mexican restaurant has Taco Tuesday every Tuesday. The guys go down & buy I don't even want to know how many $1 tacos and eat until they're sick.

I was thinking about that tonight and it reminded me of my ex-mother-in-law, she made spaghetti every Thursday night. She said that she did it because it was easy on the last evening of the workweek. I like the idea, if not necessarily the person it came from.

I don't usually decide what I am going to make for dinner until I am standing in front of the pantry. I am just incapable of planning anything ahead, unless it's ordering pizza. The problem compounds when Kevin shrugs and says "I don't care" when I ask him what he wants for dinner. I usually offer three things to him then he chooses. Tonight was tacos, spaghetti, or *shudder* hamburger helper. He chose tacos and that's good because I didn't really have anything for me to eat instead of helper.

You know what makes getting dinner ready so much more pleasant? A melodramatic romance on Hallmark Channel starring the ever-so-yummy Mark Consuelos.

Hmm, what? Oh yeah.

I was also thinking that perhaps that could help with my hate-to-cook issue that I've been having. Perhaps if I assigned a meal to a specific day, that would help the both of us. I make the same ten things over and over anyway. And it's not like lives would be lost of I broke the rules.

After all this time, I still struggle with making too much for just two people. When I make tacos, I use the leftover meat for spaghetti/goulash and share with the in-laws. But for the rest of our meals, I still feel like I waste too much food.

Do you make certain things on certain days? Sunday dinners? (we usually have breakfast on Sunday nights) Do you shop way ahead with a menu or just buy general ingredients? and I am assuming y'all cook after all.


Swistle said...

YES. I realized I was making the same meals over and over and yet stressing every night about which one to make---so now each night has its Assigned Meal. MUCH easier.

creative kerfuffle said...

i have dreams of being a great meal planner, yet i still fly by the seat of my pants. it isn't AS stressful since i'm home all day right now, but i still hate hearing, what's for dinner? and worse--when i ask the hubs for ideas...oh, i don't care. blah. my kids are picky eaters and while they will eat most of what i put in front of them it isn't w/out a sour look or an ew gross we're having steak? yuck. i've never had certain meals for certain days, but i can see how it would make life easier.

Anonymous said...

Lately, no. Usually, yes we plan the meals out but I try to cook 1-2 new things a week. Not crazy hard things, but just different.