01 June 2010

Things You Probably Like that I Hate

Bea started it! Then CK kept it going!

Can you tell I'm the youngest child? (:-D

Here is my edition of Things You Probably Like that I Hate:

OLD NAVY - I just can't even deal in that store. too cluttered, too disorganized, stupid sizing.

TWILIGHT - I tried. I tried multiple times.

SEX & THE CITY - (apologies to Jamie :-) I just never got it. And I loved Ally McBeal.


It's been a few days & I can't think of anything else. Which means the moment I push "publish", I will think of two more.

Tag! you're it! Yes, you.


Swistle said...

Sex & the City---same here! I kept trying it and trying it because I was so sure I'd love it, but all the characters seemed super flat-'n'-fake to me, and divided the way badly-written chick lit does it: THIS character is promiscuous and THIS character is prissy; THIS character dresses in conservative suits and THIS character in krazy fashions; THIS character is a rich girl and THIS character is a poor girl; etc.

Bethany said...

I am not a fan of Twilight or Sex and the City either. I really don't see the attraction, for either of them!

creative kerfuffle said...

if i didn't have a 13 yr old daughter i probably would never have given twilight a 2nd thought. alas, she has all the books and has read them a kabillion times. i read them all. i would not call them a literary success, but obviously she wasn't going for a pulizter. we also have both movies. all i can say is that one boy has some NICE abs.
mushrooms--i love them. yummy.
i also have tried to shop old navy (for the kids not me) and rarely find anything in there and so gave up.
satc--(i always want to say sex IN the city)i never got hooked on the series, though i did watch some episodes. i watched the movie when i was on hbo. i can take it or leave it.