09 June 2010

Water is Ridiculous

Channeling my nephew with the ridiculous word. My initial impulse was to say "Water is Sick" but I hate the use of the word "sick" ot describe something good.

I drink about a liter of water a day. It has been recommended that I should drink up to TWO LITERS a day. One liter is about all I can do though. Even just with the one liter, I feel like I should just stay in the bathroom.

If I don't drink enough water, I can so feel it. My joints don't feel as loose, my brain doesn't work as well. The mornings, OMG, the mornings after are almost as bad as a hangover.

Just from stupid ol' water. Who would have thought something that simple can make such a big difference.

Add in more frequent baths. I've made a point of taking short baths after work in the little tub. (regular sized tub, I should say versus the big garden tub which empties the hot water tank and takes forever to fill.) The soaking in water has helped nearly as much as consuming water.

So, listen to the people that say that water is the best thing for you. I'm here to tell you.


Jamie said...

I really need to drink more water. Rick tells me that all the time!

creative kerfuffle said...

what up w/ the need for more water? is something wrong?

Firegirl said...

What they say is true: water really does make you feel better.

@CK: nothings wrong, just trying to keep being more healthy (:-D And to be able to walk straight.