21 June 2010


I found myself saying to the dog today: "I don't care if she told you to eff off in four different languages, hush and lay down."

Yes, I talk to animals like they are people. Kevin taught me that and it seems to work.

But who was the dog barking at, you ask?

Well. Missy Jo Hates the neighbor dog. Hates. The. Neighbor Dog.


And Maggie, the neighbor dog, isn't that impressed with Missy. They've tangled a few times with Missy Jo going all UFC on Maggie and making her tap out. Missy is one bad ass dog.

Every day the neighbor goes by with Maggie in the back of the van. Every day Missy barks at her for the next ten minutes. I can't prove it but I believe that Maggie must either flip her off as they go by or talk smack. Probably both.

If Maggie happens to come down by our house, it is a standoff.

"Woof" ("eff you")

"Woof" ("No, eff you)

Repeat for the next five minutes.

One of these days they'll settle it. I hope it's when I am not home.


Jamie said...

This made me smile. Thank you!

creative kerfuffle said...

we have four animals and we are quite retards over them. yeah, i said it, politically incorrect, but that's how we roll. two dogs, two cats. they all have a million nicknames and we "give" them thoughts, conversations, voices. we talk to them like people (and sometimes babies) and basically think they are kids trapped in animal bodies.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Ha! She needs to flip her the bird and maybe that'll quiet her down.