25 June 2010

Yeah, it's Pneumonia

Because my life was just going too smoothly, my mom decided to make it a little interesting.

First, it must be noted that a few weeks ago I mentioned in "Piece of Cake" that my mom jinxed me.

Second, my mom has had some sort of an injury around this time of year over the past few years. Broken toe, stitches in her hand, etc.

With that duly noted, I bring you this:

I have gotten out of the habit of carrying my cell with me 24/7. It is often on quiet even which makes it *fun* when I misplace it.

Last night was no exception. I left the phone on the kitchen counter while we ate dinner, I did the dishes and chores, for about an hour. When I finally picked it up, I had two missed calls and two messages. This is just never good.

First message was from my mom. She tells me all about she took Rose (her lifelong BFF) out to dinner and she was in town when she started coughing, yadda yadda yadda, "It's like my gall bladder attack". But it's not because she doesn't have a gall bladder. Anyway, she was in the ER. And she was worried about getting her car home.


Second message similar to the first. She can't reach Brother Dear because he was at drill. (he's an EMT & battalion chief)

I called her back and she tells me the whole story again and the only reason that she needs me to come down is she's worried about her car.

Let's do a little geography. I live on the county line of the northernmost counties. My parents live in the south east corner of the lower county. So, it's about 45 minutes for me to drive door-to-door.

Oh, and it's 8:30 pm.

And she's worried about her car.

Before you think I'm a heartless bitch and the world's most ungrateful kid: she told me that Rose was taking her home so I didn't have to worry about it. (yes, there is no logic there)

I talked to Kevin, who is already in his jammies (track pants & t-shirt, not footies or anything) He was about fifteen minutes from going to bed. I came up with the idea of just driving my mom home in her car then driving my dad's truck back to the hospital then taking my truck home and worrying about it when it's not 10:00 pm.

Kevin, because he's smarter than me, says "Will the truck start? does it have gas? insurance?"
Well, it hasn't been driven since June 2009 so probably not. As much as I was glad that he thought of it, *frustrating*

So we get into the truck and I am pulling out of the driveway when Brother Dear calls. He is on his way from drill to the hospital. I just looked at Kevin and said "Get Out". Brother Dear just cracked up laughing. Kevin questioned the idea and I just repeated "Get out. Get Out. Get Out."

Off I head to the hospital, again. I called Little Brother, who works nights building airplanes at Boeing and isn't available to the phone, and tell him what had happened. "There's no reason to come unless you just want to get off work." I got a text from him stating "Look forward to communicating via text". Um. Okay, Batman.

I pulled into the parking lot and Brother Dear is already there. How he did that is still puzzling. "I had all green lights" he says with a grin.

I walk into the lobby just in time for Mom to come out. Brother Dear asks "What Chinese restaurant did you eat at?"

Mom tells him & we all look at him quizzically.

"Well, I just wanted to make sure I didn't eat there."

Yeah, we're a sympathetic bunch.

We form a vehicular chain back to the restaurant, pick up her car, and head out to the lake. Mom is chat, chat, chatting as if we'd all just gone out to dinner. In fact, I am not sure that she didn't think we had.

I have now texted Little Brother with an update and that Mom was fine, just a little zoomy or zoomier, if you will. He responds "Have fun with that." Nice.

She goes into the house and pulls up a seat at the breakfast bar like we're just going to have a little visit. Brother Dear looks at me and arches his eyebrow. We both tried to guide her: "Well, Mom, why don't you go get ready for bed." "It's getting late...." etc.

"Oh no." *yawning* "I have to watch Channel 13 news."

Okay Mom.

Finally Brother Dear just said "Okay, I'm going." We left as if we had a visit and not one including the ER.

I talked to her today and she's back to normal, like nothing ever happened. Apparently she's a Weeble. ("weebles wobble but they don't fall down" for you youngin's out there)

"I think I had pneumonia" she says.

So here is what the diagnosis is: She had her gall bladder removed in January 09. At that time, Dr Mark the Wonder Surgeon said that she had a pocket/bulge/cyst that he felt was caused by the bad gall bladder & would resolve itself in time. The ER docs felt that it might not have resolved thus causing a coughing fit that wouldn't stop but produced nothing but phlegm. (Bea, do you have an opinion? )

She is supposed to call Dr Mark today, as of 1:00 this afternoon she still hadn't. "I should have gotten that pneumonia shot in the fall...."

And that's how we spent our Thursday evening.


creative kerfuffle said...

i got nothing other than better you than me : )

Not Your Aunt B said...

Well, my dad with his liver cysts is having nothing but coughing. I think they can trigger the reflex which is frustrating. No fever or elevated heart rate or shortness of breath or gunk being coughed up (yellow green gray sticky stuff) then I would say probably not pneumonia.

Moms. Mine would expect the same treatment, I am sure!

Firegirl said...

@CK...LMAO Nice!

@Bea...No fever, bile mostly. I have to make sure she called the surgeon before she decides to be PollyAnna again.

Moms are a challenge. I've more than once referred to her as the Queen Bee recently.