11 June 2010

You So Funny

We went to dinner tonight, like we do every Friday night. I was driving because Kevin drives all week and is bloody well sick of it by the time the weekend rolls around. (get it? "rolls" "drives"?)

Anyway, something caught my eye and I looked down to see flashing lights on my dash. Not just the battery light but the emergency brake light as well. I am blessed with a husband that is a mechanic and can say, with confidence, "Oh it's the alternator. You can keep going."

Alternators are expensive but we have two things going for us: our friend who has his own shop and gets us parts at his cost and Toyota alternators have brushes that can be replaced for $20.
So tomorrow I get go parts running, which is actually one of my favorite things to do, and I will be back on the road in no time at all.

Ironically, about one month ago Kevin's Mustang broke down at the mocha stand. An alternator and a belt. That will be $200 please. So we are having a great time.

The shiny side of this story is this: Kevin has been working 6/10's and working on a State job so the timing is "good" for unplanned expenses. And I can't be too frustrated as the truck just rolled 328,000 miles on the original engine earlier this week.

But really Universe? I just wrote the two big checks that were hanging over my head and to make it just a little more interesting you're throwing in extra expenses? Really?

And have I mentioned that the spin cycle is intermittently working on the washer?

You so funny Universe.


joven said...

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creative kerfuffle said...

one of my fb friends posted something about the crappy cards life has been dealing lately. this, coupled w/ your universe post and just the general stuff going on makes me say wtf? really? enough is enough already, can good things start happening now please and thank you?