24 August 2010

Blog Roll Bio

We all have blogs that we follow, they are ethereal creatures that morph and change. Sometimes we stop reading and sometimes they stop writing. If we're lucky, we get to know our bloggers via comments, etc.

I have a blog roll on the blog...there on the right, page down, see? I don't think about tidying mine up much. I feel horrible when I realize that I haven't added someone so don't think that if you're not on the roll, I don't read. It's just the short attention span thing. If you comment or follow, I really do try to check your blogs/twitters out as well. (Hi Jen!!)

There are a few friends that aren't writing right now. (Hi Bea!!!) It's funny how we miss people when they don't write like we miss a friend when they move away. I have difficulty taking their names off the list though, it just makes it so permanent.

I love photo blogs. I am fascinated by them. The Cliff Walk photographer lives somewhere near me. I think I've figured out where and if it is, he has a Toyota pickup covered in Happy Meal toys. If anyone has a good photo blog to share, hit me with the link. Search "Daily Photos" and before I know it, an entire afternoon will have passed. (I follow Bellingham, Seattle, and Las Vegas)

I am also a news nerd. I read The Huffington Post and the Daily Beast, as well as Jezebel and TMZ. Local news and national news as well, even though they tend to repeat. My blogger boyfriend remains Andrew Sullivan, even though he's completely opposite of me: gay, conservative, Republican, and British.

I tend to stay away from pregnancy/family/parenting blogs because we don't have kids and because I find myself wanting to give unsolicited advice. But I still read a few. On the flip side, there are some car world blogs/sites that I visit regularly but I try to keep a wedge between those two worlds when I can. However, on that note, I must mention my new, actual friend, Paul, who takes the most incredible racing photos I've ever seen. Even if you could give a sh*t about racing, he catches many humans and nature at it's best.

I started to read Free Anissa when she had her stroke and everyone was making videos and sending cards. Anissa really showed how small our world is. I started to read Karie after she was featured on BlogHer. I "met" Jamie because she was my first follower thusly I am eternally devoted to her. I'm happy to mention Creative Kerfuffle has become a blogger-friend because she reads & comments and I in return.

There's the lovely Swistle. She can write about the dishes in her sink and I will read with rapture. There is the special insanity of The Bloggess. There is the witty storytelling of Pearl and Melina, who combines photography and prose, who was kind enough to comment so that I could enjoy her blog posts.

I have been taking some time away from the computer over the weekends, I am finding the need to unplug. An after-effect that I have found with that is that I miss my friends. I kind of love that.

Our world is small and getting smaller. The internet with all its craziness has been kind enough to give me the above friends and more.

Is there a blog that I should be reading? is it yours?

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creative kerfuffle said...

dammit, are you digging around in my brain again? cos i was totally thinking about bea and her non-blogging self the other day and wondering what her adorable kids are up to. i think a lot of people blog much less (and comment much less) in the summer so i too have missed hearing what's going on w/ my faves. i also hate taking people off my blogroll (like bea) for the same reason. i hold hope they'll come back. i have a few blog friends that i'm also fb friends w/ so at least i can catch up w/ them somewhere. one on my blogroll you might like is drollgirl. she works in the art world and shares some pretty cool photos/observations etc.
and, i feel insanely special that you gave me a shout out on this post ; )