29 August 2010

16 Things

The Lovely Creative Kerfuffle is having a wee contest over at her bloggity place! It requires a bit of thought and some homework:

your homework? list 16 big events in your life (either in a comment here or on your blog). next thursday, sept. 2 i will pick a winner and send you a box of treasures. the treasures inside will depend on the winner. my treasure box included some very cool penguin items, among other things. what does it take to win? i won't know until i see the lists. maybe it will be something on your list that makes me lol or touches me deeply or stuns and amazes me. i don't know.

16 Big Events in My Life

1. Discovered I wouldn't have any help for college, thus didn't go.
2. Married Michael
3. Divorced Michael
4. Kevin
5. Working at the school
6. Stopping working at the school
7. 2006...a year to myself to do what I wanted & did.
8. Exploding
9. Rolling the truck
10. Losing a friend to meth
11. Losing a friend to mental illness
12. Losing my Dad
13. Family moving in next door...twice.
14. Kevin getting sick/diagnosed/treatment/healthy
15. Three deaths in six months in mid 2000's, two more a few years later.
16. Taking a good job after my unplanned sabbatical.

I realized as I wrote this out that these are mostly endings. I don't necessarily like how that feels and that I reflected that way. I guess I'd rather see things as beginnings so let's reframe:

1. Graduated high school & worked full-time as a nursery/preschool teacher.
2. Had a fairy tale wedding that had a nightmare ending
3. But gained me a Prince Charming
4. Got an opportunity to grow with a fledgling school & left at it's prime.
5. Took a one-year (albeit unplanned) sabbatical.
6. Gained my pyrotechnicians license then retired years later.
7. Learned that a few of the scariest things to happen can also be good things in the long run.
8. Learned about loss...a lot.
9. Learned about family. Not quite the Waltons but not the Manson family I was used to.
10. Took a good job that I need to practice being grateful for when so many others don't.

There, doesn't that feel better?

TAG! You're it!! Post in the comments (and CK's too!!!) or post on your blog. Even if you don't have a blog, try it anyway. Trust me.


Grey Ghost said...

Very interesting,but I dont guarantee many happy one's.And I'm not competitive,if you take my drift.

Grey Ghost said...

And how do I find CK?

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah for doing your homework. my task of choosing a winner is becoming more difficult! : )

my wordify is: HUNGlan : ) he he HUNG

Grey Ghost said...

Me again,sorry.It's the question I've just asked CK,are you able to read my blog.I'm new at this game and still learning.:(

Surely said...

@Grey Ghost...send me a link to your blog & I'll come visit for sure.
Usually, I am able to click on your name when you post a comment & it takes me to your profile but I can't with yours. (:-D
Click on "homework" or "Creative Kerfuffle" in the post & it should take you right to her!

@CK...giggle....hung....what are we? middle schoolers? LOL

Grey Ghost said...

It might be what you need.

Abhi said...

You show us how the same point can be seen in a negative and in a positive way. Good job. I liked your blog a lot.