08 August 2010

Captured Moments

This is my new favorite picture. It was taken by a stranger last weekend who took the time to contact us to give it to us. The talent of a stranger captured a moment in time that will forever make us smile.

All day, every day people are taking pictures & videos. Moments are captured frequently. I read once that the digital age actually will hide or miss moments in history because there will not be pictures in boxes, negatives in desk drawers, or albums hidden on shelves.

People are quick to delete pictures that aren't what they hoped them to be. Whereas, in the past, those pictures would be printed and set aside. Pictures that perhaps not what the photographer wanted, sometimes contain details that become important in time. Or they languish on memory cards and hard drives, never to be seen again.

With the prevalence of photography now, it is safe to say that there are pictures of everyone floating about. This is not from a paranoid view but from a "Wouldn't it be cool to see those pictures?" Above is the perfect example.

Pictures capture moments, memories, history. What you might think of as a fail may actually be a treasure to someone else.


Anonymous said...

Holiday afternoon, dinner over, looking thur the photo album. Everyone seems to see something that the other one's didn't. As a mother I have to say I agree with you, picture's should not be deleted or thrown away,life is to fast we should always have the pictures to look back at. Great picture looks like a great time and great memory.

Swistle said...

OMG THAT PHOTO!! It's so good!

I think the digital thing is going to come out even: definitely photos lost, but also a lot of photos SAVED (not lost to damp or fire). And people take so many MORE photos with digital, so that might help balance things too.

I agree---it would be so neat to be able to see all the photos. When I was visiting my brother, there were tons of people taking pictures---I wonder how many Other People's Vacation Photos I'm in?

creative kerfuffle said...

that's a great photo. i sometimes lament the digital age, but i know i take tons more pictures w/ my digital camera than i ever did before. i still have a ton of film that needs developed and i'm sure when i get around to doing that i'll find a lot of treasures. i do think that people see different things in photographs and i do wonder about being in other people's photos sometimes. weird.